LE/AD Speaker’s Bureau

LE/AD Speaker’s Bureau brings information about area lakes to organizations, clubs, groups, churches, and schools.

Did you know?

Polk County has over 550 lakes and over 40 percent of the county’s surface area covered by water (lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, and retention areas). The importance of informing the public about these sensitive areas and good practices cannot be over estimated.

Polk County enjoys considerable residential development, a significant tourism industry, as well as many recreational opportunities. Informing our new residents and guests of good practices that improve our water resources and raising public awareness of environmentally sensitive habitats and issues is a central objective for LE/AD’s environmentally-oriented seminars, workshops, programs, and speakers.

To request a speaker please contact LE/AD at (863) 221-5323 or contact us via lakeseducation@hotmail.com. Be sure to indicate the name of the organization, event date, place and time, amount of time for the presentation, size of the audience, and phone numbers of the contact person. We will make every attempt to schedule your requested speaker on the date of your choice. To ensure that we can accommodate your request, please give as much notice as possible.