Stormwater Tips from LE/AD

Help Keep Our Lakes Safe – Keep Storm Drains Clean

When it rains, water accumulates as storm water and flows into storm drains that were designed for flood control.  Storm drains lead to lakes and canals, so any waste dumped into a storm drain goes into the lakes.  Most storm water is not filtered or treated before flowing into lakes.  Many storm drains are now being marked, so that you will know they lead to lakes, not to a treatment facility.  Storm drains are often covered by large, open grates, or may be open drains along roadways. They are normally rectangular or square in shape.  Storm drains are found in low lying areas of parking lots, along streets and around buildings.  These drains ultimately lead to our lakes.

On the other hand, sanitary drains do lead to a waste treatment facility.  They are usually small (not often more than 4 inches in diameter), round drains, often covered by a small brass plate.  Sanitary drains are typically found in bathroom and kitchen areas or under Dumpsters.  You will not find open sanitary drains on roadways or curbs.