Thank you for 10 years of service

The Board of Directors would like to thank Shannon Carnevale, Polk County Natural Resources and Conservation Extension Agent for her 10 years of service to our Board of Directors. Shannon played an instrumental role in guiding our mission with her insights and unique expertise.

“We are grateful for her numerous hours given to LE/AD. On behalf of all the board members, I wish Shannon all the best, and hopefully we will continue to work together through events like Water School.” Laurie Smith, President.

“As I reflect on the ten years I have spent as a board member, there are so many wonderful projects to think back on and I can only imagine how much LE/AD will grow in the next ten years. The upcoming 5k event is the exciting start of a new era for LE/AD, in my eyes. One of creative outreach, impactful education, and a growing sense of community around our lakes.” Shannon Carnevale.

Executive Director Danny Kushmer said, “The commitment Shannon has provided the Lakes Education Action Drive has been stellar and so much appreciated.”

Thank you, Shannon!