World Water Day 2021

Water means different things to different people. Join Danny Kushmer as he and his daughter, Kaylie Kushmer have a conversation about water around the world on #WorldWaterDay. The Lakes Education Action Drive Podcast is designed to inform our members, residents, and visitors of Polk County the importance of our most precious resource, water.

Kaylie Kushmer

Kaylie is a 5th Generation Floridian with a passion for water. In her early 20’s Kaylie went on her first mission to bring clean water to the people of the Amazon. As Kaylie say’s “This trip changed my life”. Kaylie continued her journeys to the Amazon, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Nepal gaining a better understanding of the global clean water crisis.

Now, sit back and learn how we, in Polk County can apply Kaylie’s experiences to our everyday life protecting our most precious resource, water.

Podcast, Click Here: World Water Day 2021

Kaylie in the Amazon and Nepal…………