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Happy New Year! Have you made resolutions to take better care of yourself? Don’t forget to include well care and septic system care into your resolutions!

Did you know… Approximately 12% of the Floridians rely on private wells for home consumption. While public water systems are monitored under the Safe Drinking Water Act, private wells are not regulated. Private well users control the management and protection of their wells. Contaminants of concern in drinking water include fecal coliform bacteria and nitrate concentrations of 10 mg/L or more.

Did you know… More than 30% of Florida households rely on septic systems. The state has identified septic systems as well as fertilizer used for agriculture and residential purposes as major sources of nitrogen to impaired water bodies. Septic systems are also potential sources of fecal coliform bacteria and other pathogens to ground and surface waters, particularly if poorly cited, failing, or under flooded conditions.

The start of a new year is the perfect time to evaluate our life and set goals for ourselves. We have scheduled a monthly webinar series to help you better take care of your private well and septic system.

2021 Private Well and Septic System Webinar Series

February 9, 2021: Private well 101, Registration:

March 9, 2021: What is Hard Water? Registration:

April 6, 2021: Lead in Drinking Water, Registration:

May 11, 2021: Septic System 101, Registration:

June 8, 2021: Advanced Septic Systems, Registration:

July 13, 2021: Private Well Care Before and After A Storm, Registration:

August 10, 2021: Septic System Care Before and After A Storm, Registration:

September 21, 2021: Common Home Water Treatment Systems, Registration:

All the webinars will be held on Zoom, 2 PM – 3 PM ET. If you have any questions, please contact Yilin Zhuang at

by Yilin 

Posted: January 7, 2021